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About Me

Your Rights Blog is a medium I created to talk about topics I feel extremely passionate about; ones which have affected me on a personal level and how they have had an impact on the way I perceive issues and ideas in our day to day lives.

My aim also is to embark on a journey where I could bring a positive change and promote equality. I hope my writing somewhere changes someone’s mind about seeing the world as a place in which men and women, should be given the same opportunities and rights. I hope I an able to not only inspire and educate my readers but also myself. I wish equality for both men and women in all their diversities and a world in which gender wouldn’t define an individual’s ability to accomplish and succeed. 

Honestly, if it wasn’t for topics I feel so deeply passionate about, I would always stay away from writing. If there was a subject in school I dragged myself into then it was English, simply because it was my weakest subject. My confidence in my writing skills is yet to grow but my confidence about the topics I write about and the content I share is so dear to me and I can’t think of anything that makes me so dedicated and passionate.

Please feel free to contact me, through my email about any questions or feedback.

Faza Qadiri

2020 - Your Rights Blog - Faza Qadiri

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