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As I write this countless Afghans will bleed, lose their loved ones or restlessly wait until when it will be them next. Universities get shut down, women get abused, women lose all their rights and it hurts me to even write this but their respect and dignity in the hands of Taliban too.

Afghanistan was once a country filled with beauty, culture, art, talent and opportunities. Women had rights for an education, to dress the way they desired and to vote (first established in 1919). Gender separation was later abolished in the 1950s, which was then followed by rights in political participation. Afghanistan’s history proves it was a step ahead of many countries when it came to progress. The pictures below show a country that was once happy.

Women's rights were established in Afghanistan in the early 20th century where girl schools were built and women were given the opportunity to pursue university degrees and successful careers. However, in recent years the freedom and peace of Afghanistan very quickly transpired into a tumultuous war. The selfish involvement of many countries has exploited Afghanistan in a plethora of ways, making it the country now chanting Allah-u-Akhbar for mercy.

After the Taliban seized power with only one ambition: to tear Afghanistan apart - life for Afghans and in particular women drastically transformed. Women since have been restricted from everything including an education, the right to leave their house alone and victims of child marriage, physical abuse and murder. The biggest factor to blame is the endless war in Afghanistan.

In the last two decades, the USA and UK have had military involvement in Afghanistan. One of their aims was to give back the rights Afghan women had been denied for many years. Additionally, they also claimed to be involved to bring peace to Afghanistan. However, recently after the US strategically withdrew from Afghanistan and within days thousands of Taliban invaded the country making it bleed once again. After 2 decades of working in the name of ‘help’, it only took the Taliban to invade Afghanistan and kill thousands in such a short span of time. What work were you actually doing in Afghanistan? What kind of help was this? Their support was so fragile that it only took days for the Taliban to take power?

The Taliban invading Afghanistan crossed borders from Pakistan. Despite knowing Pakistan is the home to thousands of Taliban, why were they ‘working’ in Afghanistan? In recent public interviews, the Prime Minister of Pakistan admits that the Taliban and other groups were trained and supported in Pakistan. Many members from the UK and US military working in Afghanistan such as Chris Alexander revealed that Taliban sent to Afghanistan are trained and ordered by Pakistani leaders.

The abuse, misuse and exploitation of Islam starts and ends in unfortunately some Muslim countries, who fail to understand the true intensions of Islam. In the name of Islam and Allah (the Muslim God), they brainwash naïve and vulnerable children in madrasas (places of Islamic worship). Shockingly, they are thought the alphabet using vocabulary in relation to violence and war. Additionally, they are sold false dreams that suicide bombing will take them straight to heaven, while the life on earth is superficial and meaningless. If you hand over a child even one chocolate bar to do something most likely they will and in this case we are talking about children who are isolated from the outer world. The madrasas manufacture their thoughts and opinions in such a way that they can’t see beyond war and violence. Why did the US not target these locations? Why are they still allowed to function? If the US or other countries politically involved in Afghanistan had their best interest they would not stay in Afghanistan but target these locations, where they can dig out the real dirt that is being assembled.

How can a religion which means peace encourage misplaced murder? The word Salam Alaikum (hello in Islam) means peace to you.

Quote from Quran:‘’Do not let your hatred of people incite you to aggression.’’ 5’2

Islam starts and ends with peace, justice and respect for others. I am a feminist and my morality roots purely from my beautiful religion: Islam. Islam teaches and encourages the rights, education and independence of women. No human with ethics and morality will believe in a god which encourages hate and murder.

The first name of Allah 'The Beneficient'- the most merciful' الرَّحْمَنُ

The second name of Allah 'The Bestower of Mercy' الرَّحِيمُ

Allah is someone who will forgive you even when you don't forgive yourself. Isalm teaches you to have mercy on those around you and yourself. To love, help and respect everyone; Muslim or not Muslim. Then what gives these brutal people the right to call themselves Muslim and shadow their actions with Islam. They are calling themselves Muslim, whilst disobeying and going against even the foundation of Islam. The media and countries like Pakistan have done nothing but compose a misinformed version of Islam as a result of a handful of so-called Muslims creating an extremely toxic version of such a blessed religion only for their selfish needs.

Afghanistan is facing extremely tragic circumstances once again. I am extremely hurt and disappointed in everyone. Very few have stood up for Afghanistan. Many deny the truth and give excuses for what Afghanistan is going through - to fool themselves or others, I don't know. It is wrong to compare but when it came it many other issues Afghans stood with them, spoke for them and showed their intolerance. Now that thousands of Afghanistan's are in physical and mental agony no one thinks it's worth even talking about it.

I request everyone: please make an international effort to save not just Afghanistan but all Muslim countries from the monopoly of Taliban and abolish the legacy they have and are still trying to leave.

I will end my writing with two quotes from the Quran:

أَلَمْ يَعْلَمْ بِأَنَّ اللَّهَ يَرَىٰ

Did he not realise that Allah is watching? – Al Alaq-14

This quote from the Quran I only dedicate to everyone involved in the destruction of not just Afghanistan but every country bleeding right now.

قَالَ لَا تَخَافَآ ۖ إِنَّنِى مَعَكُمَآ أَسْمَعُ وَأَرَىٰ

[Allah] said: fear not. indeed, I am with you both; I hear and i see. – Surah Taha : 46

…and I dedicate this beautiful quote from the Quran to all suffering in injustice right now.

Assalamu alaikum - peace be upon you.

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