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Being a strong woman

2020-2021 has allowed us to introspect our feelings, it has provided us with enough time to think about many things deeply. However, it has also tested the strengths and weaknesses of many. They say facing difficulties are what make you stronger. So, I will start with that.

Whether we acknowledge it or not the truth is everyone is fighting some sort of battle but it’s how you deal with the difficulty that makes you strong. Whilst it can be extremely tempting to lose your patience and take your struggle out on targets around you, however, true power is when you can contain the toxicity and not let your issues impact those around you. This does not mean putting up a mask of ‘fake positivity’. It means accepting what’s going on with you while also ensuring others around you are not hurt unnecessarily. This leads me to my second point – being kind.

Kindness. One word. So simple yet sometimes the hardest to act on. Being kind especially to people you don’t get along with or people who have hurt you requires pure strength. Yet the one who can accomplish that is of people with strength. A lot of strength. Knowing that everyone is struggling in one way or another can initiate actions that can help you become others strength. Whether it's being a shoulder to cry on or an ear to simply listen to them that is true strength. Understanding, respecting, and showing empathy is in my opinion are the true definitions of strength.

Expecting to be happy and secure always is unrealistic and will only lead to disappointment. Strength is when you can accept that and acknowledge that strength can come from pain too. Pretending to be something you’re not will only make you feel temporary satisfaction. It will not heal anything long term and will just make things worse. Your emotional intelligence does not make you weak but shows your strength of being open and honest to your feelings. Strength is pushing through unfamiliar boundaries and taking opportunities even in times of difficulty.

You’re not supposed to be happy all the time. Strength can come from pain and understanding how to deal with pain. The concept of a strong woman always comes with being independent but being independent does not mean any human being can do everything on their own. Asking for help genuinely without letting ego or thoughts that the act of asking for help will belittle you in any way is also strength.

Not expecting others to make you happy. The fact is the only person responsible for your happiness, is you. Expecting that from others will only hold back your relationship with them and hinder you from building genuine authentic relationships. Taking your own responsibly even if that includes being happy – that in my opinion is true strength. Additionally, not letting others criticisms trigger insecurities or affect how you feel about yourself – is true power and strength. The fact is, others validations do matter and what actually matters is how you see yourself and how you continue to grow. Being strong also means taking responsibility for your own dreams and ensuring you don’t sacrifice them along the way.

Stay true to your values and make sure you strive towards fruition.


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